An Introduction


I’ve always been a player of FPL (since 2006/7). For a long time, it was my fantasy game of choice and last season I scored my best ever finish at 7.6k. Prior to this however, my level of success in the game has been rather inconsistent. No matter what variables they introduce, it seems that I just can’t nail down a strategy that works for me.

Like many in the community, the Sky game was much more of a recent find. I think I saw and advert for it on TV a few years ago, signed up, and I’ve never looked back since. Whether it’s the static player costs, or the increased level of planning required, the game just suits me. I’ve managed to cut my rank every single year, culminating in a 37th place finish last season which was far beyond expectation. It even won me a few quid from some cash mini-leagues……..bonus!!!

Now, this variation in results between the two games has got me to thinking – what would happen if I took the strategies that have served me so well in Sky, and applied them to FPL??

Immediately, you might be thinking that they are two separate games with completely different rules and scoring systems, and on that basis you’d be correct. In fact, there are plenty of great articles out there that go to great lengths to highlight them for anyone wanting to make the transition.

But yet in some ways, when you break them down, they are also pretty similar :

  • Squad or no, both require a team of 11 players to score as many points as possible.
  • Your captain scores double points.
  • Sky’s bonus earning actions (saves, tackles, passing) are the same actions that help contribute to the calculation of the BPS system, while the MoM awards can be indicative of who gets the 3BPS.
  • There are two ‘Overhauls’, or ‘Wildcards’ available during the season.
  • A limited 40 transfers, compared with 38 free transfers for the season in FPL.
  • A certain level of patience required.

So, with the new season just over a week away, I’m going to investigate if these similarities are enough for me to be able to create a successful FPL team, using the same principles as I use for Sky.

Over the course of the next 7 days I’ll be starting to create the team, so I’m hoping to use this blog to note my plans, ideas, thought processes and strategies before embarking on the season ahead.